Flying A Flag Poem by Randy McClave

Flying A Flag

I would rather have a neighbor flying a rainbow flag
Even though many will scream it supports a gays as a brag,
They are proudly supporting someone's right or pride
With a solidarity they are sympathetically and morally at their side.
They don't stand for racism or bigotry or hate
And treason or violence they do not wish or wantonly create,
And if I had a neighbor who had a rainbow flag waving
I know that peace and love and fellowship they are only craving.

If I had a neighbor who flies the flag of the confederacy
Or flying the flag of a politician who tried to destroy democracy,
They support racism and bigotry and even the Ku Klux Klan
They believe a white hand makes that of a better man.
Hate and vengeance they don't ever deplore
As they continually seek out conflict and vengeance and war,
Whenever I see that type of flag hanging from their flag pole
I see people unto the Devil have sold their soul.

I would rather see a flag of peace as it flies and waves
That stands against slavery and racism and the owning of slaves,
And I would rather see the flags of a state or of our great nation
That too believes in the liberty and a honest education.
I sincerely would rather see a true Christian flag flying
Showing of a true salvation and a faith and love which is undying,
And those flags that support racism, bigotry and to overthrow a democracy I will tell
They all should be burnt and their ashes symbolically sent to hell.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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