Forbidden Love Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Forbidden Love

Rating: 5.0

Forbidden Love

I'd like To recite
My first beloved
Lived nearby
Polished and polite.
Catherina was her name
Unforgettable is her sight
I stayed long every night
Watching her lamp
until deep in the night
Catherina was a student
Secondary, me too
Both not yet met
Face to face
neither at night,
nor in daylight.
Every time I saw her
walking Partridge like
passing upright
my heart,
Within my chest,
Took flight.
To meet her secretely
was her right.
She was a christian
But it was
Not right
in a community
in the far east,
loving a girl
is a sinful act,
No need for fight.
The life was yet quiet
not complicated
Black and white.
Life was then as easy as
Running a kite.
Our both hearts too
was filled with delight.
She felt I loved her
But I felt I am burning
for her
Every night.
I waited until midnight
every night
waching her
until she
switched off her light.
Her curtains
No more white
In the thickness
Of night.
I pushed the curtains
Together tight.
Sprang to my bed,
Thinking of her cheek
red and round
from which
it would have sufficed me,
my whole life,
just one bite.
What made my agony
Triple intensive is the fact
She lived nearby,
daily madness at her sight.
More than once,
I wished
I'd got to wings,
To take flight
and Visit her abode
At midnight.

Freyad Hugo

Freyad Hugo 11 August 2021

Correction(I'd got two wings...) thus two in place of to...

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

you got 5 Stars Tops!

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Freyad 11 August 2021

Thanks very much Sylvia,5 stars enough to be proud of especially from a capable poetess like you,

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

Such a mesmerizing poem full of obsessions, but constantly beautifully worded and sympathically rendered. I have enjoyed this treat of read, amazing read!

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Freyad 11 August 2021

Sylvia masmarises me every time she out a comment on my page, your gentle words brought me back to you and PH, may god bless you and protect you, my best collegue and friend, measureless thanks

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