Force Of Life Poem by Mwenyeji Spikes

Force Of Life

The ubiquitous magnificent edifice of being and feeling is to reckon with
Even in the full depth of our imagination shall we never understand
The force supreme, the intricacy and simplicity all wrapped into perfection
A rhythm that holds together the delicate balance of everything we see and don't

The psalmist, the physicist, the magician, the chemist, the zooist and geologist all stand clueless
What is the secret of the universe and are we headed to the end or back to the beginning
From the birthing chambers they say the force of life replenishes itself to a new chaos and perfection
Have we seen the best of days in the blossom of mother nature or are the days of wonders yet ahead

We sit and ponder the force of life, yet again we come up clueless at every edge of tiny discovery
The echoes of doubt linger in our spirit for we know not where to search nor what to search for
We live with hope that the mystery of the force of life will unravel right infront of our eyes someday
If we go within maybe and look deeper maybe the pursuit of our truth as part of the force beckons

With shadows of our ancestors walking right ahead of us in the heat of the sun
The force of life within us yearns to connect us to the true source, the beginning and the end
The triumphant discovery and assurance is that the force is within us and our spirit thus attests
When the eyes of our understanding are open, then shall the force of life be revealed unto us.

Sunday, September 5, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: life,universe,knowledge
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