Forever Be Poem by Rusty Ed Gibson

Forever Be

My heart feels like it's breaking
cause I woke up again without you
you're the last thing on my mind
and always the first thing too

I remember when you left
just like it was yesterday
I still suffer from that feeling
that your not coming home to stay

I tried so hard not to love you
to keep you from coming all the way in
I fought so hard to protect myself
I cratered when the walls caved in

Despite my resistance to your charm
you finally won out with me
I raised a white flag and surrendered
and gave you my heart for eternity

I still dream of you very often
of the days when you lived in my arms
the way we used to snuggle
and talk in the hours of the morn

Now there is Nothing but empty
where your love used to reign supreme
I know that you used to Love me
it just wasn't some sort of dream

I am proud of our time together
no matter how it turned out for me
You know that I truly loved you
Forever Yours I Will Forever Be

Friday, March 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and loss
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