Forgiveness Is A Gift Poem by Gary James Smith

Forgiveness Is A Gift

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Forgiveness Is A Gift

Forgiveness is a gift
And O how precious it is
It comes from a heart of being forgiven
Devoid of all bitterness
It has tasted of the grace of God
And O how sweet the refrain
For Christ has rendered sin helpless and hopeless
To one day ever affect us again!

I can forgive for I've been forgiven
Hallelujah for that Lamb
I can now live in the victory Christ wrought
That day when He rose again
He put to death the fear of death
Sin's captives now can be freed
All it takes is a repentant heart
And to wholly trust and believe..

Forgiveness is an act of love
For we know from whence we came
For when we received our forgiveness from God
We can forgive now again and again
He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
When we come to the Lord confessing
Where time and again we are washed and cleansed
Receiving our Lord's gracious blessing...

Hallelujah...I've been forgiven
I know what forgiveness means
I once felt the weight of sin on my life
But praise God! ...I've been redeemed
There's a heart that needs healing in your life
Go pass your forgiveness along
Tell them of Jesus.. earth's greatest Forgiver
Who can guarantee any heart a new song!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

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Gary James Smith

kyvin nash 08 April 2021

Love it when you say Forgiveness is an act of Love...beautiful well said. Thank you for sharing this important message!

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