Forsaken Poem by Jade DragonHeart


I was forsaken by your hands
I was forsaken by your heart and by your soul
I could not come back for at least a century,
I was forsaken by you.

When I rose again I was damned,
When you were killed by my hand.
I was once yours, but now I rule
I will control your world as you had done mine

If I can kill you once, you can kill me twice
But if you were alive today, you wouldn’t get that chance
If you were in hell you would arise to take your revenge,
If you were alive, you would turn my soul to ash…

If you were alive you would forsaken me, once again.

We are both damned by our king and queen
We are both condemned to hell by our love
We are both forsaken to the depths of the devils lair
We are both alone in the world of the dead

We will always be forsaken by each other and ourselves.

We will never arise from our lover’s lane
We will never take our place in the heavens above
We will never allow ourselves to become one
We will always be forsaken by our love.

We are…the forsaken ones…forever.

Crimson Love 18 October 2011

This poem is incredible, I truly love it. :)

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