Fourth Of July Poem by Randy McClave

Fourth Of July

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As we salute the red, white and blue
We thank our veterans so proud and true,
To which from their service we do rely
As they gave us this glorious, Fourth of July.
For our country and our freedom they had bled
That is how I see the flag's red,
And sadly, but patriotically for our country many did die
As they gave us this triumphant, Fourth of July.
For truth and freedom our soldiers did fight
That is how I see the flag's white,
And when a soldier says his last goodbye
They gave us this honored, Fourth of July.
With pride and dignity I will always brag
That is how I see the blue on the flag,
Our veterans never refused or questioned why
As they gave us this heroic, Fourth of July.
So, as I watch the flag as it waves
I thank all the veterans, and the fallen in their graves,
Forever in Honor, freedom and justice I hope she will fly
As we all celebrate a joyous, Fourth of July.

Randy L. McClave

Thursday, July 4, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: america,freedom,independence day
Ratnakar Mandlik 04 July 2019

Celebration of Independence Day can not be thought of without saluting the freedom fighters who had martyred themselves for it's achievement and expressing deep gratitude for them and their sacrifices for the cause. A great patriotic song. Thanks for sharing.10++++ points.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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