Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Fractal Reflections - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Peaceful imagination is life's piecemeal architect, pieces together finite sum of infinite opportunities, attracts to or defracts from proactive links. Expectation and reality contract as contacts contract probabilites. Soul re_mainS[T]AYs whole, intact. Tactile tease tactfully subcontracts substance with DIStracted EASE, cures disease leading through convention to misguided conviction. Reality conundrum paradox rocks pre-ordained clock choice shock, Meter maid made met and unmet alma mata matter mutter perceptions. Immortal streamlined spotlights echo as idea[l]s tune-tweak leak spheres' muse music, reap energy, leap beyond current or recurrent pluridimensional parallel cycles. Pixel paradox spirals ad infinitum.

HE triptoes to and fro between her energy's go glow fractal reflections of parallel factual reality relays, in fact, fiction and fantasy, unGODlily attracted to his lily: her gene_I_US.

SHE, once torn between LIFE giving support paying lip-service to conform_I_tease rediscovers karma, gears up to foreknown as unblown yet sown spins from Time's weave boll weevil's second take at times taking therefrom, EVIL, and adding thereto LIVE. [S]he saw the light, edited errors, flouting doubt without second thoughts. 'I can' defeats Cannae constraints, receives breath of fresh air far from day-to-day nights as knight's dreams beam team serene.

THEY flow on SHarEd pixels, photon win/win spin reel from illusion or self-delusion confusion to fusion's conclusion. 'Try angles not angels' gainsays Pope Gregory nation notion to be strung on Time's beads. Rose awry waits bloom, disregards doom tomb's drum boom, snaps dragon's suspended animation causal chain hibernation. Pinch of salt colloidal collide_o_scopic sand mandela bröt grains interweave fractal anima sans animus outside time line rhyme's rosary.

Chance ON OM dances advance from 'here' to eternity's MOON, extend sing-song shadow patterns, warp weft between real-I-tease, unpeel seals, peal paling from pale. Poets self heal, shed spin sin sink moral gin. Frustration fades. Empathy catalyzes vision mission clarity, fords & affords humorous humerus interplay's funnybone facettes. FIRE bars IRE, irony PURifiEd.

Free verse talks walk waves along Way side sway, pray, prey from slay oblivion to play rev_elation, revel in pointed yin yang contradictions, in situ “sit I zen” situation standpoints. Sinuous insinuations blow-throw glow worm wormhole flow through Sphinx’s choice voice, rejoice in labyrinthine closed or close woven pattern play pinpoint ME-anderings. Dazzle dizzy crazy-paving pictogram universe pyramid's crater creator kids parallel kabbalistic code modes few decipher or deem dream-theme schemes accessible. Hope gropes enigmatic holy gram graal scope scale. Mind periscope reacts to telescoping wavelength relays [c]licking on subconscious screens, avoids cacheless society's accretion disc's blackhole risk oblivion.

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(9 January 2007 revised 6 September 2007 and 22 June 2013)

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poem Edited: Saturday, June 22, 2013

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