Fragile Poem by David Knox


Life so fragile that one time
.... so long ago before i even had tasted a lime
when i thought i hated music and rhyme
i decided my whole future in one moment
i did not know that i did
but because of that moment i will suffer so much more then when i hid
now its here
no one to call my dear
its not the fear
that keeps me from shows affection now
holy cow
i cant share affection with anyone anymore
i know i will be something people will abhor
there has to be a way back affection and love
so far keep me down so i cant fly like a dove
but they keep the rope far away too
people like you
make me not want to do it
shoot whatever you say.... im still stuck in the pit
does love have to end
is my heart beyond the time i could mend
i dont know what love is.... not because
i have never been shown love.... but because i cant give it...

Evaughn Gray 14 July 2007

wow that's is a very good will come soon~hazel

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innocent love 11 July 2007

life and love happens by luck but to sustain it is in our hands.. the world is too big, m sure u wil find sm1 to love and sure they will love u in return too.. bt dont 4gt love is nt always give and take... shower love, it sure gvz more pleasure than getting love... dont feel lonely..god is with u...keep writing... nice poem.

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David Knox

David Knox

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