Freddie... A Force Of Nature! Poem by Daniel P Martin

Freddie... A Force Of Nature!

Rating: 5.0

Destructive like a whirlwind, with a Cheshire grin,
Scattering his toys around, and raiding the bin,
Following Freya, and destroying her tower,
Flooding the bathroom, when I'm having a shower,
Persistent like the ocean that gnaws at the shore,
Constantly climbing despite falling to the floor,
He’s not very fussy, and he eats like a pig,
When music starts playing, he does a little jig,
One thing’s for sure, he’s a most cheerful chappie,
Beaming quite broadly as he’s filling his nappy,
Like a newly born deer, he’s still quite unsteady,
But constantly smiling is our little Freddie.

Tsira Gogeshvili 07 September 2011

Very good and interesting poem... I see our sons are coevals.Sometimes seems to them , that parents demand too much from them... But their smiling does forget us any stress. 10.... Tsira

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Allemagne Roßmann 06 September 2011

Well done....well connived art of a lot in dimensions to tell the readers.Hats off t ur impeccable poetry here...

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Dan Reynolds 06 September 2011

Did you know, that Freddie Mercury would have neen 65 today? Perhaps some of his mischief has been re-incarnated in your little lad. (Loved the 'beaming as he fills his nappy', line. Danny; ¬)

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Shadow Girl 06 September 2011

Wow...that was fantastic, i can feel ur pride and love for your son! 10

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