Freedom Poem by Ambrose Bierce


Rating: 2.8

Freedom, as every schoolboy knows,
Once shrieked as Kosciusko fell;
On every wind, indeed, that blows
I hear her yell.

She screams whenever monarchs meet,
And parliaments as well,
To bind the chains about her feet
And toll her knell.

And when the sovereign people cast
The votes they cannot spell,
Upon the pestilential blast
Her clamors swell.

For all to whom the power's given
To sway or to compel,
Among themselves apportion Heaven
And give her Hell.

Blary O'Gary.

Kim Barney 08 July 2015

It would be too kind to say that this is a mediocre poem. Bierce was a great teller of short stories but his poetry leaves much to be desired. And what is the meaning of the name Blary O'Gary at the bottom? Can anyone tell me that?

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 July 2015

Sovereign people. Nice work.

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Freedom that enjoys the world over and pertaining to freedom this poem so important.

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Jenna Tools 05 November 2020

This might be a controversial opinion, but freedom... good! ! ! ! !

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Chinedu Dike 02 October 2019

Well articulated and nicely brought forth with conviction...............................................................

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Sofia Kioroglou 27 February 2016

This is an excellent poem! Deep with layers of meaning upon meaning. A ten!

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Captain Herbert Poetry 08 July 2015

A deep poem and an old piece. I will give 10.

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Shanike Sydoney Palmer 08 July 2015

Very lovely, we all want freedom, its the icing on the cake

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