Jim Yerman

Freedoms - Poem by Jim Yerman

We are blessed with many freedoms in America, we should count them every day
Because in many countries of the world these freedoms have been stripped away.

We are free to choose our leaders and though they often cause us shame
In the end because we’re free to choose we only have ourselves to blame.

The press is free to report the news into our homes and haciendas
Yet it seems today the different news agencies have their own agendas.

We are free to worship any God or no God, win or loose
Yet we’re not as accepting of others if a different God they choose.

We are free to speak our minds and accept any consequences that may ensue
Yet we usually don’t like other people who hold different points of view.

We are free to bear arms across this land but the number of innocents afflicted
Has caused many to feel uncertain and wonder if that right should be restricted.

I believe our freedoms, as wonderful as they are, have caused an unsolvable riddle
For it appears our freedom to choose has split this country down the middle.

It makes one wonder if these two sides will ever get along
While each side thinks that they are right and the other side is wrong.

Still these very freedoms we all fight about are the freedoms we adore
And what our soldiers, since this country began, have continued fighting for.

I think we should remember another freedom, yes I think it would be wise
If we all remember we also have been blessed with the freedom to compromise.

When we forego compromise, when we ignore this small detail
A country with the freedom to succeed becomes one doomed to fail.

To me freedom is a lot like love: it’s a gift and a blessing to be free
And like love, unless it’s nurtured...becomes a faded memory.

If we don’t want that to happen, then we must take this burden on
So our children will still be free to count their blessings after we are gone.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poem Edited: Monday, February 10, 2014

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