Friend Or Traitor? Poem by Abby Bilan

Friend Or Traitor?

We're five before,
Why now four?
We're incomplete anyway,
It's your fault, I say.

Let me tell the story,
Even I feel sorry.
I demanded the title,
And they settle.

We always hangout,
"Forever together! " we shout,
For two years, we're together,
But we didn't promise we're forever.
In grade 6, they left me nowhere.

I did my best for us to reunite,
But it led to great fight.
My top suspense is betrayal,
Where character is the initial.

Today, none of them remembered,
As if they are cursed.
Our friendship is over,
No touch even we have a lover.

Speaking of, love life for us is meticulous,
Advice and concerns are fabulous!
Such that good friends' trust,
Runs deep inside the crust.

But now that we're separated,
I've got mistakes and frustrated.
I was in the right path,
And realized that it was wrath.

I've expected for their advice,
There's none and began my sacrifice.
I've waited for them to comfort because they're my friends,
I guess, it'll just reach the ends.

I encounter the greatest problem today,
It's them who should be punished and pay.
Whoever should be the reason why I'm suffering,
It should be them because they never do guide and they're not caring.

I'm ashamed and tamed,
Wondering if I'll reach what I aimed.
I still need a guide,
Or else I'll suicide.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
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