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I am a student of yesterday's virtues,
A dreamer of today's creations.
Someday, I'll be a great statue,
Of poetry's modern satisfactions.

The warzone beckons me, always
So I fear to die, I refuse
Counting my numbered days
Seeking for unspoken news

Behind your eyes, I see
Your love, your pain
You are safe, in thee
Your grace bonds your name

The way how I compete,
I promise, I'll compete.
All it's challenge,
Sure I'll acknowledge.

Because I have the ability,
Raising the flag of impossibility:
That thing that is unknown,
Keeps the heart of my own.

Ako an saemong aki, Nay.
Na bakong hale sa sadiri kong Ina.
Mga anghel kan Diyos an nagdara
Sa sinapupunan hale sa kalangitan

We're five before,
Why now four?
We're incomplete anyway,
It's your fault, I say.

Weeping children of the nation
Sorrow of the poor
The people's temptations
Resisted by the wealth's rootless tours

I've been waiting for a thousand times,
And achieved so my rhymes.
I've travelled so far a thousand miles,
And held my patience,

Kaydaming pagsubok,
Sa aking isipan ay tumutumpok.
Aking pagkakamali ay laging iniisip,
Ito ri'y bumubisita maging sa aking panaginip.

Ako ay ako,
Pwedeng magbago.
At bawat galaw,
‘Di matuklaw.

Deep, deeper, deepest.
I don't know how to be the simplest.
What have I gotten into! ?
To be last, win or lose, between the two?

Sa aking pagpapakilala,
Pag-ibig, aking inaalala.
Ako'y may pangarap,
Inaasahan sa hinaharap.

The girl in green,
is what I`ve seen.
Walking along the road,
Helping a lady with her load.

Somehow painful,
How it whispers into my soul.
The sneaking of my conscience,
Will surely lessen its sense.

I hate judgment,
They don't get what I meant.
They base into my imperfections,
Not even in my successions.

Aking mga mata'y sumara na't umidlip,
Ito'y lagi kong gawa pag naiinip.
Dito'y nakikita ang prinsipeng gusto,
Sinasamantalang sulyapan ng husto.

I do expect that you believe in me,
In all ways as always to be.
Greetings to everyone,
I know, I'm the one.

I've been trying to forget,
But every time I recall, I regret.
That sacrificial smile I see,
Is what I only have to move on, as a key.

I stand by the corner
Of the four-walled room
Where my heart is pulverized by a hammer
Scattered by a broom

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I am a student of yesterday's virtues,
A dreamer of today's creations.
Someday, I'll be a great statue,
Of poetry's modern satisfactions.

My buddies call me conceited,
But I never fail to express my words.
A young writer of whom you inspired never forfeited,
Because my wordy shouts are tons of swords.

Come on! Challenge my brain!
Tomorrow, your blood in your vessels will drain.
I am proud to broadcast my best,
'Cause it's my catalyst to meet success and the rest.

Hello paper and pen! I am here!
A proud and educated one to conquer no fear.
For I stand to learn,
And tomorrow, I'll change the world from what I earn.

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By simply writing words that persuades anyone to go on with an achievement, you're simply a writer.

If you're discriminated and you know you're right, don't move on, just go on.

If you have nothing but proper virtues lined with proper action and a bit of adventurous intelligence, still you can achieve SUCCESS.

Make the best of everything you have.

No little intelligence bears with little success.

'Be a friend of the society and Earth first before you become a friend to your friends. It's like choosing to fight for your nation first before risking yourself for your child.'

If you want to judge a fellow by the street, check yourself out first in the mirror before going out. Just like how you curse yourself when you got a terrible pimple.

'No matter how much prepared you are, if you do not know the reason why you are preparing for that, it's nonsense.'

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Abby Bilan Popularity

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