The Soul Of Love Poem by Abby Bilan

The Soul Of Love

Rating: 2.5

I've been waiting for a thousand times,
And achieved so my rhymes.
I've travelled so far a thousand miles,
And held my patience,
Just to know that I've wasted a million smiles.

I reminisce in those sleepless nights,
Our most memorable sights,
Countless times I endured my happiness against the disbelief.
But tolerating his terrible attitude in the name of love is my relief.

I do believe that "Love is loving an imperfect person perfectly."
Yes, though I've never seen him imperfectly.
I'd rather fall for his meaningless smiles and winks;
Than his sinful smirks which for me ever stinks.

To speak beyond your heart is cruel,
And faith of using your confessions to speak is a fuel.
To ride in an endless trip behaving on your seat;
Is worse than falling while waving your hand in a bottomless pit.

Later on, after exploring my realizations,
Like before, I tried making conversations.
And as I shout, expectations are twin of disappointments.
I was such a wasteful child conceived with excitement.

I remembered that falling in love,
Just started with a simple bet;
Bet of statements lied from the fact and tongue.
Just a joke in the start,
But time for me is the greatest art,
A creation which heals, reliefs, comforts;
And most of all which hurts.
Incomparable pain which I wanted now,
To bury into the deep of all the earths.

Love has always been blind,
But eternal is not consumed for a missing love to find.
In the end, there's still be,
The man that you want to see.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Suresh Kumar Ek 15 September 2020

love is loving an inperfect person perfectly. super poetic definition

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