Friendship With Guns Poem by Jinnuraine Jaigirdar

Friendship With Guns

A crooked society having long friendship with guns,
Home-grown weapons at hands & drawers make funs;
The consciousness of men often perturbed,
Anger often erupted, conscience disrupted;
Madness flow uninterrupted,
Restraints dissoluted, Senses distracted;
Feeling interrupted, uncontrollable desire rushed;
No resistance, revenge flushed;
At that time, amused by the gun, like a friend smiling near at hand,
Freely explore the band, gunpowder is ignited at rand;
Lifeless frame falls down with a loud noise, Soulless body lies down in poise
The unparalleled sound of gunfire as if musical noise
Remains in the body without vibration without the customs of life.

Yet, some people want the rule of gun to be extended,
Let the arms in the treasury of the teacher be adorned;
May the power of arms be increased day by day,
Society will deal arms with arms, weapons with weapons like a play;
It is like a world in regular war,
War will be the roar of survival in power,
Gunfire will flow with joy,
The power of gun will be the ornament of toy;
A display of weapons at home, on the road and in school with great pride,
Only, time and again, there will be death tide;
A loud roar will bring the stream of joy sublime;
The jingle of blood dance in rhyme;
By definition, there will not remain any crime,
Human will be lifeless in anger and drunkenness mime.

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