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My inspiration is delighted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is enchanted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'
My struggle is written by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My nationality is decorated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',

We have been attacked, the border has been crossed,
We are involved in war, freedom has been limited;
Our land has been occupied, our citizens have been decimated,
'Maria' has been destroyed, resources have been ruined.

We are living in a dark age,
Soldiers are performing in the stage;
Military junta is wreaking havoc in Myanmar,
Civil society In the midst of aimless murmur;

Point bars are not sandy island anymore,
Transformation is taking place in the sand dunes;
Jewels are burning inside the body, spy outside,
The world artisans are intoxicated by the compound game;

Dry, thirsty, Aksum civilization of Ethiopia!
Three monsoons are gone, Country is in hydro-algia;
Running incessant insipid dryness, No rain insignia,
A continuance of extreme thirst, as if a trivia!

In the love of all the auspicious & wicked,
In the lust of all sinister & crooked;
The light of the 'lamp' has extinguished,
The sun rays have nearly quenched;


My writings are confused in intentions,
Captive in the ditch of alphabets,
Prisoner in the conflict of words,
Knocked down by rhythm of speeches,

Poems that have not yet been composed,
The idea is not yet in my mind;
The picture that has not yet been painted,
The design is not yet in my bind;

In a lonely life without friends, only a beaten body survives,
The whole mind is full of endless moving words in archives;
The procession of restless words is constantly going on in the brain,
The pain of suppressed words makes the mind a restless terrain;

Metrical irregularity in the society around us is incessant,
Inequality is increasing day by day like a decaying crescent.
Relentless irregularity has built up a reservoir of difficulty,
Arrhythmia have taken away joy and happiness in the faculty.

Leaving this song in air, singing in tune
Climbing the stairs of the sun, farewell you;
Leaving this garland dear, ringing in dune
Singing along the river fair, Goodbye You.

In the White House, the old fear has come again,
Subconsciously, Saddam's masterpiece of chemical weapons remain;
Chemical weapons did not match anywhere,
Forgetfulness is not yet ingrained in the civilisations headgear;

The society has silently changed recently,
The world community has shined in unique festivity,
Social media has awakened civilization mightily,
With deep concentration internet has drawn a new picture of the society.

The society is sniffing randomly,
Omicron virus is still dancing around aimlessly,
The society is swimming in the salty sea water tirelessly,
Facebook is coming as 3D Meta, visibly,

Thirty-three crossed my friend? Welcome to the day,
Light of the path, Nur-ul-Deen, friend! make a huge neigh;
Quickly winding up time my friend, Continue to play,
Silently asking my friend, how much excitement on the horizon you lay?

Actors mute and deaf in Ukrane state,
From time to time, words eagerly waiting to liberate;
Holding down conduct of diplomacy, The exchange of speech reiterate,
Not even listening to the language of arms, waiting for the date;


Friend's attire has new surprises,
White clothes, stimulating consciousness;
In the twinkling of an eye,
The smile on his face fly;

Nurul Huda, showed the enlightened road,
In the long march of his ethics and code,
Drove the chariot in lawful and neutral abode;
Did not break the oath of cards but why duality of birds?

How do you feel the errand?
The road has reached a dead end,
If the world would be a dream band!
If this path would never rend,

The gardener punished for failing to bloom
Kim-jong-gilia flowers, father's chosen perfume,
On father's birthday, a million emeralds broom,
Mountains and forests are in tune,

Jinnuraine Jaigirdar Biography

Professionally an Anaesthesiology & Intensive care, Consultant, currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Bangladesh. Writing poetry for a long time.
Have Published a few poetry books in Bengali.

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'Joy Bangla' Slogan

My inspiration is delighted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is enchanted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'
My struggle is written by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My nationality is decorated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My awareness is vibrated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is reflected by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'.

My inspiration is gloomed by compulsion.
My freedom is violated by compulsion,
My struggle is veiled by compulsion,
My nationality is frightened by compulsion,
My consciousness is suppressed by compulsion,
My freedom is suppressed by compulsion.

And in Compulsion
My disobedience get awakened,
My trumpet get resounded,
My soul get Vibrated,
My existence is shaken,
My revolution becomes sanguineous,
My rebellious power becomes active.

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