Jinnuraine Jaigirdar Poems

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'Joy Bangla' Slogan

My inspiration is delighted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My freedom is enchanted by the slogan 'Joy Bangla'
My struggle is written by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',
My nationality is decorated by the slogan 'Joy Bangla',

We Will Be Victorious

We have been attacked, the border has been crossed,
We are involved in war, freedom has been limited;
Our land has been occupied, our citizens have been decimated,
'Maria' has been destroyed, resources have been ruined.

Darkness In Mayanmar

We are living in a dark age,
Soldiers are performing in the stage;
Military junta is wreaking havoc in Myanmar,
Civil society In the midst of aimless murmur;


Point bars are not sandy island anymore,
Transformation is taking place in the sand dunes;
Jewels are burning inside the body, spy outside,
The world artisans are intoxicated by the compound game;

Demand For Water

Dry, thirsty, Aksum civilization of Ethiopia!
Three monsoons are gone, Country is in hydro-algia;
Running incessant insipid dryness, No rain insignia,
A continuance of extreme thirst, as if a trivia!

End Of Trust

In the love of all the auspicious & wicked,
In the lust of all sinister & crooked;
The light of the 'lamp' has extinguished,
The sun rays have nearly quenched;


My writings are confused in intentions,
Captive in the ditch of alphabets,
Prisoner in the conflict of words,
Knocked down by rhythm of speeches,

Ideology Debate

Poems that have not yet been composed,
The idea is not yet in my mind;
The picture that has not yet been painted,
The design is not yet in my bind;

Procession Of Words

In a lonely life without friends, only a beaten body survives,
The whole mind is full of endless moving words in archives;
The procession of restless words is constantly going on in the brain,
The pain of suppressed words makes the mind a restless terrain;

Reform Is Desirable

Metrical irregularity in the society around us is incessant,
Inequality is increasing day by day like a decaying crescent.
Relentless irregularity has built up a reservoir of difficulty,
Arrhythmia have taken away joy and happiness in the faculty.

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