Genesis Adam And Eve: A Snake In The Works

Genesis Bible Book 1
Adam to Eve to Snake
original blame game
round one Ding! Ding!

Adam male blames Eve
Eve female blames Snake
Snake reptile is skinned nailed
Snake has no human excuse
Snake 'hadn't a leg to stand on'

I wonder why God stuck a trap tree
in the middle of a paradise garden
a tree that is a sin temptation gateway
to death why not hide it somewhere
like in a boring dusty unnoticed corner

then God told two innocent
children not to eat from it
mistake a first time parent
children never willingly do what
they are told that is why

parents are always watching
children for temptation overcome
moment when curiosity strikes
because children will be children
a perfect example of first time parenthood

suffering the impact
of inquisitive children
getting into unimagined
unforeseen irreparable trouble
a life or death situation

this time curiosity
killed more than the cat
strike down one snake
two innocent humans
all animals ever created

an entire world
since this time forever
seems like overkill
I do not like this game
I do not want to play anymore

God can you invent another game?

yes wonderfully witty
with the nailing of the snake
with 'he hadn't a leg to stand on'
blame game played in the original
I still do not want to play anymore

Friday, October 9, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: bible,humour,parenthood,parenting,parents
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in December 2016 & October 2020 on the 8.12.2016&10.10.2020.
Inspired by the poem 'What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden' by the poetKim Barney.
Dedicated to the poet Kim Barney.
Paul Brookes 11 October 2020

Man seems not to come much further and they still blame each other and the snake well he might have been nailed but i a warm dry place his children hate power hubris and pain were born Seems no matter how many snakes we nail their children come to take their places. Poor snake he really does get a bad press.

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