Ramona Thompson

Get Off My Black - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Color of my skin
Is how you judge me
Darker than you
Is the mark of a dangerous man
That is the one thought
You carry
Don't look closer
To see who I really am
So afraid
Too afraid
To know the real truth
So you hide behind a
White man's lies

I can't adjust
To the rules you make
Losing control
When you refuse my hand
Say you are better
Then a black man
You call me
Yet, who is the one
Doing all your houseold chores
Carrying your load
While you play golf
Cheat on your wife

Alive with feeling
Bleed just like you
My blood
As red as yours
Yet still I am pushed away
Shown to the back door
No better than a dog
Just won't stand
For what it is
You're trying to do
As good as you
Deserve the same you get
My life worth just as much
No matter my color

May not be white
But I'm still a man
Made by the same God as you
Born under the same sun and moon
Created equal in his eyes
But never in yours
Just gotta make you see white boy
My point of view
Ain't no slave
Ain't lesser then you
I just wanna ya to listen
Understand when I say
Back off
Don't make that same mistake again

Just get off my black!


© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 18, 2006

Poem Edited: Thursday, August 26, 2010

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