Getting Old? I Don’t Think So! (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

Getting Old? I Don’t Think So! (Poem)

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I may not have the skip in my walk
Or the strength I once had as a lad.
However when I look at a star, it’s still
A discovery - I’ve yet! - To explain

My learning never ceases, curiosity
Is a blessing I’ve always had
I’m still at awe, at the wonders in the
World - my interest lie in an endless domain

I’ll never be an old fogy, who claims to know
It all, and nothin - left to learn
For I haven’t as yet - begun to unraveled the
Mysteries of life -in an attempt to answer
Questions which are still impending

Troubles in our world, I cannot shun, - because
I have - a profound concern
The dream of peace and love is within as all - a
Dream which has no ending

I have no doubt there is a God, for all we are -
And see - is all of his creation
Ev’n him, I wonder if he has a master plan, in
Which we are all a part

Are we here to seek salvation, or to make this
World our key vocation?
To live with love as our sole objective, when we
Die, we depart with a fulfillment within our heart

Nimal Dunuhinga 16 March 2007

Genius my dear! Poets never grow old. Your naughty friend in your native soil now And I would like to say hello to my great friend.

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Declan McHenry 10 March 2007

A great sentiment Dave and well expressed.

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Sandra Fowler 10 March 2007

What a fine, positive piece! Each day is a gift, well worth living. Lovely, write, Dave. Take care. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Marci Made 10 March 2007

Like your message that this world needs love, hope there's enough around it to bring peace to all. That is a dream I know, but that's why there are stars to dream on and reason to believe and hold on to hope for a better day for all...........Old....NOT, for age is only a state of mind and you're as young as you feel....Just don't grow up, that's how I've solved the problem.....forget the number, again that also is how young and full the heart is......great :)

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

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