Gideon Valley Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

Gideon Valley

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In the Gideon valley I grew up, crawled with scars
I was drowned ten times when I was a young stratum star
The stream in between I swum when it was winter usual crest
Perfectly the home of baobab trees, songs of baboons' seasons' lake
The land was born and discovered from nose of rose hearts
Such a tall man went bare footed to clear the air stripe hectares
Such atall feet entangled in sands, strong path he bestowed facts
The gradpa rocked on to save many coming lives of stones of funks
My grandma argued the sprit of huts and perched on the air field
Afterthe lion slept afew days of years of a fallen fluid
My wrinkled mama retained that air stripe of cereals, corns' roll
I limped with her and sped the days like bites and nails moll
My young age, of teens, of rays on railings trail graves
My school life, gripped me and moved on grey matter's groove
And the Gideon leader called often with marker's grades
But I always sung my song of natty gritty day long dredges
I paid the debt spent in vain of widened mighty drawn attacks
I found the ruler of Ngara primary rock and rolled dead anarchies
While the grandma laughed at me in joy
I salute the Gideon Valley of bumper yield glory

It's all about my little back ground in the Gideon valley. the garden was established by the two lovers, my grandpa and my grand ma. my grandpa is now late. all resiponsibilities about the field is in her hands besides her seven but five children now for my mother and my first born Uncle are dead too. so, its a good garden any way.
Syed Ibrahim 14 November 2012

a great poem the words really make me feel its your own story see if you read my poems and rate them-the wind, carry me away. plzz rate and comment how it is...

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Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

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