Gift Of Dr Seuss Poem by Dawn Novus

Gift Of Dr Seuss

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We are beautiful in our brokeness-ness

We are beautiful in our broken

I turn to see your battle worn smile

You the soft of my heart

Has a home in

The pillars unearthed

Of times old and gone now

To conjure back the renaissance

The rook the tower held the painted lips,

The chess move to hide from the pain in

In deep waters of truth

The pupa with its humble coat

The chrysalis so understated

Oh for the divine light it hides

Today the may flower blooms

The lotus from stagnant waters

The desert rose from the dunes

The sweet dandelion whose white angel seed

Kisses the sky and flies one by one freed

And as we hid our scars

We hid the stars

The silver slivers of skin

That show us just what we are

No less than the best we were made in

A sinner was never borne ready made in

Only from the wound can the light be seen

And to each that is hurting and broken

The light that you shine I know as divine

Nothing less for the rareness

You were chosen...

Nothing less than the best love

You were wove in...

The movement just one step at a time

Forward or upright.. bent or broken

Shine more brighter because of the flaws

Despite which you braved the dark night in

Brave heart in your chest

Beats the love I am blessed

Your human-ness glows from inside

They tried..Oh, they tried to take and to hide

But our spirit divine it was made in

But your spirit, divine it was made in

Unified by our spirit love defines in

My love, my one, we did gone crowned the sun

The Seuss of Sirius

Is on the rising

The iron we broke and the lion we woke

We roared as one people

Light we rise in

As above, so below.. as within so without

Always in all ways

We shall rise in

From Sirius with all love

From Sirius with all love

From the broken and ashes

We rise in

I. L. Y. F

Monday, May 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: human,love,oneness
Jazib Kamalvi 17 March 2020

Such a nice poem, Dawn N. Read my poem, Love and L u s t. Thanks.

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 May 2019

?????????? you! ! The soft of my heart Come! Come to me; Have a Home in my heart. Hour of the truth, To honour the truth, Facing the pains of life! ! Deep in the waters of love; With the romance of the truth. Muse of love and life, Pains; Only for the wound to be seen in the light of the truth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us, Stay blessed always.

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