Sorry Mum Poem by Kirstie Duekett

Sorry Mum

I am sorry that perfect is not what you see,
And I'm sorry you could never say that you were proud of me.

I am sorry that the love was never there,
I am sorry you never woke up to my nightmares.

I am sorry that you never cared for my welfare,
I am sorry that you were the one to always swear.

I am sorry I was the one to have glasses broken on me,
And I am sorry you were always cranky.

I am sorry that your priorities were mainly alcohol and drugs,
I am sorry that you were not the one to chase away the bed bugs.

I am sorry that I was an ugly disgrace,
From the minute you saw me at my birthplace.

But I am sorry to say that I'm out of sorry's for you,
And I've left now to people that care that even give me a curfew.

I don't care about the hate,
This is because I have left your gate.

I want that happy life,
I don't need all the stupid not needed strife.

I am who I am,
And to tell you the truth I don't give a damn.

Hans Vr 25 March 2012

Sometimes the best way is to get out. Thought provoking well written poem

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Louise Crielly 22 March 2012

good poem but you have to reason to be sorry. :)

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Kirstie Duekett

Kirstie Duekett

Perth Western Australia
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