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I think it may be rather odd
that no one knows the real God.
Elusive, yes, for centuries
and overseeing miseries,
the image is 'old man with beard',
but then again, that might be weird.
And does he really live on clouds
from where he watches when in shrouds
we rest on our final journey.
I recently lay on a gurney
at Good Samaritan, L.A.
the doctor said I was okay
and not yet subject to the flight
or to the final tunnel light.
I wonder, too, why God would sit
when on his earth they serve up shit,
why would a heavenly creator
who's hovering near the equator
watch children killed and mothers maimed
and illness spread with cures exclaimed
why could we not have peace and love
if God is watching from above?
I will, not now, in any case
come out with theories I base
on years of careful scrutiny
but I will ask you, could it be
that we've been duped about our God?
Please do not give this thought the nod,
as it is surely quite enough
to act and be a little tough
I have sent notice up to Heaven
tonight five minutes after seven.
I'm fully qualified, no doubt
and know what this is all about.
So, the position, it's for me
and I'll be God for you and me.

Herbert Nehrlich1 17 July 2005

Inside information says that you may be sent right back if you take your list. H

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Raynette Eitel 16 July 2005

Hello Herbert...Are you still there...Hello? Hope you didn't get struck by lightning! This is good, but I swear to you that my little grandmother really knew God and lived by His word. But when I get to the pearly gates or whatever there is to usher me into God's presence, I have a long list of questions for Him...and they begin with all the suffering of the innocents. Raynette

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I've wondered this for awhile myself...great poem always straight forward Herbert!

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glen still 16 July 2005

Absolutley Wonderful! ! ! !

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