God Cleaning Time

The world is full of foolish and sinful people,
Lust, drugs, corruptions, adulteries, selling sex and
Playing sex in a crowded places out of control
Shameless and fearless.

Rapes, killing, worship the idols, greediness in power and money.
Wars; different kind of wars. War to rub territories and authorities,
War to get more power to use for controlling the people for evil purposes.

People thinking that there is no God or God may be in silence.
People ignore even though that God is watching of what we been doing.
God is thinking, staring in distance, he is in pain of what
People have done.

"It is God cleaning time all over the universe".

Disaster comes silently unobserved, shaken and rattle all humankind.
God pour out his anger, the wings of the wind whistling
The thunder lightning and strong and powerful waves, rains fall down
Like a drop of stones from the sky.
People are shouting for help but no one can help them.
It is painful and dreadful cleaning time of God.

Turn away from our sins that we committed, come back to God.
God will stop punishing us for our wickedness.
No one on earth can save us and we can not run away from God.
The only way on earth and in Heaven to enter
God protection is to surrender to him.

The Golden Sun appear to warm his people in reaches
And in glory to live on earth once again.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
11 October 2009
8: 30 AM