God For Children Poem by Asif Andalib

Asif Andalib

Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh

God For Children

Verse 1

God has no father

God has no mother

God has no sister

God has no brother

God has no son and

God has no daughter

God can have sex but

God has no lover

God is so lonely

In every weather

Verse 2

God has no sex-partner

God has no choice

God is just like a child

Playing with toys

Verse 3

You should ask from God all the wisdom

And remember God is like a mom

Verse 4

God has a body He is like a dad

He will punish you if you become bad

Verse 5

God's body has no drink, He has no food

God's all things are for us He is so good

Verse 6

God's mind is the biggest thing

God is everybody's King

Verse 7

God's space is very colorful eternal light

Outermost light is black, innermost light is white

Verse 8

God's visible light is near His body

He can expand it to show His beauty

Verse 9

God's body is the Most Powerful

And He has a pen God is so cool

God's body is the Most Beautiful

He wears gorgeous dresses to look cool

Verse 10

God is like a jet black virgin mother

We are like Her children whomsoever

In God's mind there are all kinds of color

God‘s soul is like a sweet-smelling flower

Verse 11

God is like a mother in black burka

She can open Her veil to show Her face

God's symbol on earth is holy Kaaba

You should want to see God's body, O yes

Verse 12

God's body's voice is like a male's voice

I must say it's His wonderful choice

Moreover you know what

God's body's chest is flat

His hair is up to His shoulder

He looks young never looks older

Verse 13

God's body is neither a He nor a She

But He can become both He is so witty

God has sufficient for us but not enough for Him

God's dream girl is so far cry She is still in God's sweet dream

God's dream boy is in imagination: poor God's ice cream

Verse 14

God's body never cry and never moan

God's body has a throne, it's the best throne

God's body has a crown, it's the best crown

God make us successful don't let us down

Verse 15

God's body is the Owner of Everything

Some angels circle around His throne and sing

Verse 16

Even in paradise people will sigh

God's body smiles a lot gives His best try

God's body speaks the truth never tell lie

He is the Best Actor do you know why

Verse 17

God does not become tired God does not take rest

God recycles things God never ever waste

Verse 18

God has the biggest chair

And God's mind sits on there

It's made of solid light

It's smaller than God, right

Skies are bubbles of light

God's chair is dim, skies are bright


We are trapped inside God

God can never be seen

God's body can be seen

Do you know what I mean

Verse 20

God's body has a pimple on His face

It's the symbol of God's badness

God's body is peace and God gives peace

Now do you understand what God is

Verse 21

God's body is safe and sound

He can take a look around

From seventh sky to the ground

His throne is borne by angels

To carry it they are bound

God can solve your all problems

Look for God God will be found

So look for God look for God

Trust me it's worth every pound

Verse 22

God's body is God's soul

God is the Biggest Mind

God is so different

Only one of a kind

Verse 23

God is an Energy

To create a thing God

Only needs to say, be

Verse 24

The universe is God‘s body's a little saliva

And God's body never ever run out of stamina

Verse 25

You know God feels very much sad

Do every work to make God glad

Verse 26

God is the Most Merciful

Pray to God don't be a fool

God has the world's all riches

Ask from God money and bliss

God can cure you just ask for

Cause God is the Best Doctor

God can give us what we need

Love God don't be a stupid

Verse 27

God has both good and bad qualities

Whatever we do God hears and sees

In a word God is so so

But God is the Best also

Verse 28

God please make me good and merry

For you my roses and cherry

God please please always keep in touch

I love you very very much

Verse 29

Even God's tolerance sometimes runs out

Then God punishes the bad ones no doubt

When God becomes angry and He does not feel at ease

Then God and His court's all angels curse His enemies

Verse 30

God is our soul's soul, make God your best friend

Friendship with God should never ever end

Verse 31

God is many in One

Learn from God learn learn learn

Verse 32

God is the Forgiver

And Grantor of prayer

Don't be afraid of God too much

Then God will be out of your touch

God knows what you are going through

So pray to God with words a few

Almost every time

Try to make it rhyme

Verse 33

Even plants and animals prostate God in thought

Therefore remember God more than a lot

Verse 34

God can make your future bright

Want peace want bliss please don't fight

Verse 35

Allah is the best name of God

Allah is the very best word

Verse 36

God has written brief stories of endless time

It's in God's notebook, it's almost full of rhyme

Verse 37

God has also a past

It's His memory now

God has endless future

God has planned it somehow

God stays only in present time

Make your today a perfect rhyme

Verse 38

God is everyone's Lord

At times turn towards God

Verse 39

What have you seen of God

Only a little bit

What have you seen of God

Only His holy feet

Verse 40

God is like this because of His fate

God wants to love, God wants to hate hate

God is playboy God lacks His playmate

Love God want God before it's too late

God is always conscious and update

God will respond just communicate

Verse 41

God's fate is like this because of His character

God's character is something that He can't alter

God's body has no shadow of any color

He sees His reflection on mirror and water

We are not God's body's food He has no lover

We are of no use to God whoever we are

So make God laugh and laugh and forget God never

God will be by your side for ever and ever

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: god
The truth about God

Asif Andalib

Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh
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