Hannah Diane Williams

God Is Amazing And His Love Surpasses All - Poem by Hannah Diane Williams

As I sit in my room
On my bed all alone...
I wonder what do do with all this pain I'm in...
And the, answer, well,
Is another source of pain.
I can't give in
To this demon
Whispering in my ear.
That same evil thought
Creeps in later
And this time,
It wins.
I hear a small voice
Telling me I'm stupid
And not worth a cent.
At first,
I can barely hear it.
It grows louder and louder
And the guilt inside me grows.
Deeper into this dark abyss, I fall.
The pain inside me is so much
I have to find a way
To let it go.
Suddenly, I see a light.
I turn to it and see...
He says,
'Child, why are you doing this? '
'I don't know, ' is all I manage to say.
I fall to the ground and weep.
He grabs my hand
And says,
'There's no need to cry here. I forgive you.'
He wipes away my tears.
And all I can say is,
'What I did was so wrong...How could You forgive me? '
He points to His Son, Jesus and says...
'He was nailed to the cross and died for you...remember? '
'Now, take My Hand, child,
And see how your hope
I can restore.
You don't have to hurt anymore.
All you have to do is call on Me
And I'll be there.'
'What if I can't hear You...will You still be there? '
'I am always there.
Sometimes, you won't feel Me
And it will be hard.
But, know this, My child,
Through all the darkness and dust,
I am there.'
'What if I make another mistake? '
'Oh, My child,
You are not perfect
So you will make more mistakes.
The important thing is
you ask for forgiveness
And I will forgive you.
That doesn't mean there will be no punishment.
It just means
I will never bring up that mistake again.'
'I could never thank You, enough, God.'
'And now of you,
This, I command...
Live for Me every day,
Be the dfifference in someone's live.
Even if they don't believe in Me,
Love them.
For they may be more like you than you think.
Pray for them daily
And always forgive
Just as I did you.
Never give up,
Even when it gets hard,
Because in the end,
The people on My side
Are the ones that will
Always win.'

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 12, 2010

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