God Is Neither A Conservative Nor A Liberal Poem by Roxanne Dubarry

God Is Neither A Conservative Nor A Liberal

Our God is, 'neither a conservative nor a liberal.' He has followers in both camps! Therefore, God also must have followers within the moderate camps as well! 'Conservatism is not Christianity! ' Therefore neither is Patriotism! Because neither conservatism nor patriotism can take the place of genuine Christianity!

Both sides are guilty of being filled with both resentment and pride towards their opposite sides! God would want both polarized political points of view! Instead to show kindness and compassion towards one another! After all are we not all brothers and all sisters within the body of Christ! We should not let different political points of view to cause divisions among-st all of us!

'There is enough clear and present danger out there.' Our southern boarders are not secured! God wants His entire church to show compassion upon the refugees at our southern boarder.

The clear and present danger that is arising at our Southern boarders is going to becoming to United States soil due the Colombian drug cartels! 'There is going to be American blood shed upon our own soil! Areas in America are going to be devastated because of these Colombian drug cartels! '

Youthful prophet Troy Black claims that the Holy Spirit kept on warning him about America, 'Facing clear and present danger! ' 'There is going to be a man rising in America whose heart is filled with hatred, revenge and power.' And because of his power he will make several bad mistakes! ' God is also issuing a warning about him as well. And this man will be issued a warning from God as well!

That is all of the time I listened to him on his YouTube podcast on my Samsung Smart television! The Holy Spirit told me to continue listening to him! I am not certain if I quoted him directly, but I am pretty certain I captured his 'clear and present danger warning! 'to America!

I would heed Prophet Troy Black's 'Clear and present danger to America if I were you! '
Roxanne Dubarry

Roxanne Dubarry

Seattle, Washington
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