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God's Visibility

God can see all of us Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere Simply because He has that great ability to see All of us, He is not visible, but We can feel Him Anywhere and everywhere, We are visible even if We try to hide behind Our deeds good or bad, God sees all of us with What we do in our life anytime, Anywhere, and everywhere, We are not able to see God anytime, but We feel Him anywhere and everywhere, God sees our good deeds and our bad deeds, so He judges depending on what we do in our life, Some people think that God can not see them, but God sees all of us because He has the greatest ability to recognize us and to see us anytime, If we hide behind anything, then He is able to listen and to hear What we say and what we do... God's greatest visibility enables Him to know what we do, but Our visibility is limited, so Thanks be to God and praise be to God Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. ______________________________________________________________________

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational