God Wanted Daughters Poem by Rachel Hughes

God Wanted Daughters

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Some religions teach that a women

Is property owned by a man.

That the female is inferior.

And shouldn't be allowed to stand.

Don't listen to the lies.

These false teachers teach.

Don't listen to the lies.

These false preachers preach.

Just listen to your mama, when I say.


God wanted daughters; I know this to be true.

God wanted daughters; sons alone just won't do.

We have a father above, who wanted daughters to love.

From the beginning of time, he knew.

God wanted daughters, so he made me and you.

God doesn't see us any different.

Then a man or a boy.

We were not made to be played with.

Like some throw away toy.

Don't believe what they do.

We are not to be bruised.

Don't believe what they do.

We are not to be used.

Just believe in yourself and shine for me every day.


Because Jesus died.

He removed the curse of Eve.

So go forth my child and just believe.

Song about Gods Love for females

No religion, per se, preaches that women are inferior or anything similar to that, to the best I know. It is the clergy or those who interpret the holy books, who say so. I join the chorus, "Don't believe the lies".

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

Welcome to PH. I don't know why 'Bridge' is in thsi poem. Now, go back to the bedroom or kitchen, ....where YOU belong! !

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Part 4. Let us hope things will change. It is changing, but rather slowly. May I invite you to read rest my poems Women of Substance on PoemHunter. Thank You.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 09 June 2022

You go Girl Bravo! ! !

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Part 3. Secondly, she has to prove before the male chauvinist society, hierarchy and hegemony that she is capable. This is the tragic situation almost everywhere.

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Part 2: But, it is true that many men (and some women too) think so. So, if a woman has to come up in life, she has to break her own mental barrier and convince herself that she can..(Contd)

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