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Some religions teach that a women

Is property owned by a man.

Please be kind

All the scriptures and oracles of God,

About an hour and a half before Christmas eve.
My mother was laying on a hospital bed in my living room.
Unable to breathe.
The Dr. said she had pancreas cancer and covid 19.

You left your print upon my heart.

The love I have for you nothing could ever pull apart.

I'm here in the arms of a loving man

I have his heart and he has my hand

It's easy for us to predict bad weather.

All we have to do is be together.

One night she came to town.

She had an angel's face.

Peter became frightened by the sight of the wind.

And Peter began to sink.


Jesus is the one who carries me through.


I have a great physician.

God sees the heart.

And all it contains.


We don't realize when were drunk.

We can be so cruel.


Dark shades of light under the forest trees.

A canopy of green as far as I can see.

I found a place where only night descends.

A place of superstitions so heavy the willows bend.

Lost in deep romance.

Beneath the dusk in time, we danced.

The devil don't love his own.

He won't pardon or save his own.

Once my heart was ripped at every seem.

And buried in a graveyard made of broken dreams.

When the last petal falls from the rose.

And the mountains fall from their eternal pose.

Heavy heart is troubled with sorrow and shame.

He is bitter and hides the pain.


Sorrow is like a scorched and desolate land.

Barren and dry built on sinking sands.

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God Wanted Daughters

Some religions teach that a women

Is property owned by a man.

That the female is inferior.

And shouldn't be allowed to stand.

Don't listen to the lies.

These false teachers teach.

Don't listen to the lies.

These false preachers preach.

Just listen to your mama, when I say.


God wanted daughters; I know this to be true.

God wanted daughters; sons alone just won't do.

We have a father above, who wanted daughters to love.

From the beginning of time, he knew.

God wanted daughters, so he made me and you.

God doesn't see us any different.

Then a man or a boy.

We were not made to be played with.

Like some throw away toy.

Don't believe what they do.

We are not to be bruised.

Don't believe what they do.

We are not to be used.

Just believe in yourself and shine for me every day.


Because Jesus died.

He removed the curse of Eve.

So go forth my child and just believe.

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Every actor is a hypocrite, Every singer is a musical instrument, Every poet is an artist, All of them share their talent with an audience.

Sometimes the truth is crazy, but it is always blunt.

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