God's Other Chance To You Poem by Christen Kuikoua

God's Other Chance To You

Humanity is capable of such beautiful dreams
and horrible nightmares,
For Our World Has a lot For every man's Dream
but Not Every man's Greed
So you see this is life greatest rule,
it gives to givers, and takes from takers
Those Full of themselves,
on the outside are often starving on the inside
So as sad as it is,
Many people get Heaven and Hell wrong,
For they are not places you go,
but they are ministates you hold,
For hell is the fire inside you
The burns you feel when you are a life,
You don't need to die to go to hell
For the reality is when you are not just
karma makes your life a living hell
they heat in arguments
when your blood boils over
If you let anger with selfishness
Get the best of you,
then it would bring out the worst in you
So there for love kindly
I Love you all, and Have no right to judge
but my word are if you know your are greedy and selfish
Don't harden your heart,
Don't do like you didn't hear me,
I don't want to see you suffer,
Neither do I want to see you, face God's Judgement
So, today God is saying,
I will give you one more chance,
to revise your wrongs,
To correct Your Mistake,
To assist the poor not to rebuke him
I give you one more chance
to choose love over hatred
One More chance,
You have a banquet Infront of you my son,
Choose Wisely,
Don't forget my words,
Please, don't forget my words
For This will be your last chance
Your last chance
So there for Choose
Wisely Is not Too Late Yet

Sunday, August 28, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: second chance love
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