Gone To Far. (P C) Poem by guy lipmore

Gone To Far. (P C)

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One way street, cars either side,
Half way along, almost through,
His access route was denied.
A simple action he asked the man to do.
Blocked by a coloured face in a van,
Who wouldn’t back up or around?
Adamant was the ethnic man,
Milkman made an appealing sound.

“Just reverse mate, if you would, ”
He said so pleasantly.
The reply was “Reversing, I’m no good,
Could you do it for me.”! !
“You’re having a laugh and joke, ”
“Did you pass your test on a Camel.”?
The Milkman said to the bloke,
Situation was at a standstill.

Eventually resolved,
A crazy event for sure.
However events had ‘evolved, ’
In a shape of a knock at his door.
That ‘Camel’ word that he had used,
Not meant to be flippant.
Now a ‘racist’ he was accused,
Of which he certainly wasn’t.
The Police questioned him about the complaint,
Twenty seven visits they paid him.
Regards to that comment,
Things were looking grim.
Legal battle and court pending,
And the financial worry.
There seemed no ending,
From the constant misery.
Pressure on his family and mind.
His livelihood he continued,
Repeating he wasn’t the racist kind.
And innocence he pursued.

It was all over the top,
Blown out of proportion,
When would it stop?
The nightmare situation.
Another case for the p.c. brigade,
Just plain stupidity, ridiculous,
Another inroad they had made,
Maybe a win for political correctness?

End of week, monies he’d collect,
Well to do, customer base.
One lady paid by cheque,
And she noticed his worried face.
Continuing his normal milk round,
His health feeling the cost.
Sympathy he kind of found!
He was ‘talk’ of the Mosque!

Locals were having a laugh,
All at his expense,
Words were spoken on his behalf.
The ‘accuser’ had seen common sense.
That non-white who ‘drove’ that van,
His case he ‘promptly’ dropped!
To utter relief of the Milkman,
The madness had finally stopped!


Thursday, November 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: social
Actual event told to myself by the person who was the 'accused' He was the milkman involved! Political correctness has gone plain daft!
Kumarmani Mahakul 12 November 2015

Situation was at a standstill. This was very amazing definitely. Very wisely penned.10

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