Bruce Lee Poem by guy lipmore

Bruce Lee

Rating: 4.0

Land of the ‘free' he was born unintentionally,
Away from his native home, returning at the age of three.

Back to a place uncompromising and tough,
Growing into a leader, in a twilight zone.
Thoughts of what would happen if no one behind?
For survival, others and luck were not enough,
When totally on own.
Will victory be signed?

Enrolling in an ancient art to better his way on the street,
Brushing with the law, they were dangerous days.
At times, his face is the only one his teacher would meet!
Totally in to all it's ways.

Frustration to get away,
To contemplate training and self scorn.
Floating in a boat, he lay,
Anger punched the water, which he sailed upon.
‘Water', the essence of what should be,
Realisation starts to dawn.
Absorb and penetrate, it's the reality,
Suddenly a bird flies by and casts its shadow, another meaning is born.
The mind has to be the reflection, moving but still,
‘Detached' from the disturbance.
From the physical skill,
To create harmony and balance.

Sent away for his own good,
By concerned parents.
To make a life if he could,
To his birth land, hope he represents.

Five years practice behind,
New land, new knowledge to find…..

Karen Sinclair 27 February 2014

One icon I adore. Loved his films. Only this week I was going through his childhood family pictures looking for something to sketch. Great tribute to a hero of many. Ty

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Bernard Snyder 06 August 2012

One of the best ever! My favorite fighter for sure. Thanks for sharing such a lovely 'piece. I also gave this a 10'. Which I think is so deserving. Nice write', Guy!

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James Harding 22 July 2012

lil mini biography in a poem nice write his trainer Ip man was amazing if the stories are true

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