Glyn Dwr' Poem by guy lipmore

Glyn Dwr'

Born of noble ancestry,
forgotten hero of history.
Lands and estate,
Greatness would await.

Lord De' Grey, lands he took,
Glyn Dwr' protested by the book.
His voice heard in parliament,
but treated with utter contempt.

John Trefor, a Welshman had warned of ‘revolt' and for De' Grey to be given a reprimand.
flames of resentment were fanned.
' What we care for these barefoot rascals' an Englishman said,
Provocation further fed.

Adding insult to injury, a real provocateur,
Henry branding Glen Dwr' a ‘traitor'
Also appointing his son ' Prince of Wales'
for Glyn Dwr' finally tipping the scales.
declaring himself the true prince, a defiant act,
seven towns were sacked.
Against state and king,
a response this would bring.

Many raids of hit 'n' run,
frustration had given success, every one.
Seeds of revolt were sown,
panic in the thrown.

First pitched battle on ‘ Hyddgen' mountain top,
English, the rebellion, they couldn't stop.
Welsh, odds against once more,
defeat the English bore.

Again face to face, the battle of ' Bryn Glas' took place,
the king would lose face.
Outnumbered were the Welshmen,
victory won by hands of bowmen.

Mortimer and Percy on side,
marriage further tied.
Alliances made,
future is being made.
Success in battles,
the siege of castles.
The odd defeat,
still not beat.

Harlech' in his hands,
laid out his plans.
Three years, relative stability,
for his government and democracy.
Parliament held at Glyndyfdwy' manor, ambassadors were invited,
legal system, treasury, military, clergy, plans far-sighted.
Other countries did recognize him,
only fate would determine.

Plans by the ‘three' went higher,
share the spoils, they did conspire.
Enlarge Cymru' rest split two ways,
for the final phase.! !

Glyn Dwr' and France, invade to Shewsbury
no further, no conclusion clearly.
Stand off, both sides yield,
from the potential battlefield.

Years of struggle, battles, ambush, skirmishes, and campaigning,
political tactics, real and feigning.
With little or no support,
for the cause he fought.
Strength ebbing away,
the fight would decay,
His foe too strong,
defeat would prolong.

Castles and towns retaken,
desperate situation.
Harlech' starved into submission,
Cymru' breaking
His daughter's and sons, all but gone.
for years freedom's light had shone.
Bitter ending to this just war of wars...
suffering revenge, settling of scores.

His dream was not to be,
a country, independent and free.
Not part of his destiny,
only the future would see.

Fourteen thirteen,
to the enemy, never again seen.
On going mystery.
leaving an 'aura ' of invincibility! ! !
Glyn Dwr', his people never did betray or compromise,
they await their 'Arthur ' to arise
To lead the ‘Britons‘ once more,
like ‘Wallace years before....

What was his legacy?
apart from an obscure figure of history.
That great, great man.
and his fight for his peoples land.
Never got to be a nation
almost there, but for a few years, but still a notion....

In the end, we were defeated, subjugated, depleted,
Incarcerated and humiliated.
Persecuted and prosecuted.
Total resignation,
followed by hundreds of years of strangulation.

Mother tongue, given restrictions,
discouraged, conditions,
‘Colonists ‘ infiltrating,
growing consolidating.

Acts against the language,
simmering resentment and rage.
The ‘Welsh knot' recent times, calculated and cruel,
bitter memories, it would fuel.
Still fighting, not yet done.
battle for the native tongue.

Whatever legacy ‘Glyn Dwr' left,
we must never forget.
That his spirit may be in our character, our blood!
Is this our nationhood?

19-24 /03/06

Welsh'Rebel'fighter from early 15th century. Little is known about him
and his story generally speaking.! (Victory is written by the victors!)
Afrooz Jafarinoor 12 August 2015

Thank you for the note about the poem. It could have been a great pity to read it without understanding! I really enjoyed the epic, and truly victory is written by victors, but there will always be a poet to reveal the truth!

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Guy Lip-more 13 August 2015

Thank you for your kind words. Did you know about his story in general before my note or did you do research? You are the first and only comment I've had on this poem! thanks again. Regards Guy.

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