Good God And Bad God Poem by Chan Mongol

Good God And Bad God

By Chan Mongol
September 18 of 2022

Before I thought God as one;

Good and bad God, both rule and run.

One for the misery of life and to die;

Another is silent and peaceful in far sky.

For God in the sky, I don't interfere;

I don't like the God who is in here.

I told God in the earth, don't do it!

Here, he is deaf and so I do admit!

To hear me, it could have been nice;

God in here is busy in doing vice.

God been a trade mark for everybody;

God was made for rules and slavery.

We help us, where is the God's might?

We pray to God or not, we die, alright!

We do good, bad why it's God's will?

Credits go for God if we die or we heal!

Why in both ways, God got credibility?

God isn't worthy but contradictory, guilty!

His arrogance and dictatorship;

Nothing is good in his online clip!

And our voices he never heard;

Fact is, his conduct is absurd!

Being a deaf, mute, what he tries;

He never listened to our outcries!

Not God but my father created me;

I came to know who the God really!

God is a satisfaction and a great fear;

God was introduced for obeying a leader.

Between God and us, there is no treaty;

Unseen ghost doesn't deserve any priority!

God is sipping beer somewhere in the sky;

But in the earth, we relentlessly suffer and die.

As invented word, we let God onboard;

None but fanatics pet the unkind God!

A good doesn't need God or, does he necessarily?

Addicted fans of God pray Friday, Sunday but not me!

Good God gave lifeless elements;

Bad God is in unkind entertainments.

Let's stick only with the good one;

Not with the one who does cruel fun!

Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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