Good Vs Evil? Poem by Jim Yerman

Good Vs Evil?

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The more I observe politicians everywhere the more it sickens me
As I watch two incompatible sides struggling for supremacy.

They think they're in a good versus evil battle but when all is said and done
Each side thinks that they are good and the other's the evil one.

It's not just politicians, for everywhere you look you see anger and dissension
We find many groups at odds with one another, in a constant state of tension.

Religions, Conservatives, Liberals, countries fighting their own ethnicities
And the only thing they all agree on is that they disagree.

'We are right and they are wrong.' Each side firmly decries
Leading to many a climactic battle but not to compromise.

One thing we have learned from these battles is that both sides lie and taunt
It seems good people will say and do evil to get the things they want.

And when the battle's over we are hard pressed, even if we could...
Deciding who is evil...determining who is good.

This has been the mindset of the world from the beginning and would it be too bizarre
If I ask a simple question: How's that worked for us so far?

What if we saw life not as constant battles between good and depravity
But more like a walk together...a journey of discovery?

Discovering the things we have in common and becoming more aware
Not of the differences between us but in the attributes we share.

Living in a world of people who all epitomize
How we can live together through compassion and compromise.

I know it's easy to write of pipe dreams...and of castles in the sky
But given the history of the world to might be worth a try?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: peace
Loke Kok Yee 03 April 2016

and it gets worse by the day, sure it's worth a try but people change with power thanks

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