Goodbye Poem by juliet sinclarie


Pondering over love,
Thinking to myself,
Knowing the truth,
Believing everyone else,
Confused and hurt,
Everythings a lie,
I’m in love with him,
But all I do is cry,
I’m not strong,
My heart is weak,
Somebody kill me,
Before my intentions speak,
I’m not insane,
Depressed is all,
This monsters got me,
I’m beginning to fall,
My head hurts,
My mind is too full,
My heart is shattered,
Finger on the trigger…
pull, I was dreaming,
He held me tight,
Said three words,
It felt so right,
Fading from ecstasy,
A thought struck,
What if somehow,
I never had to wake up? ,
A smile lit up my face,
The perfect suicide,
Questions forming,
What would happen after I died,
I didn’t care,
Only one thing I knew,
He would miss me,
After I said adieu,
I found the bottle,
Little blue pills,
Given the perfect moment,
With alcohol for thrills,
I wrote a letter,
It said you’ll miss me when I’m gone,
Because baby your the reason,
My life stopped moving on,
But what if?
He really did care,
Its too late now,
Im halfway there,
I am nothing more,
I’ve had enough,
Now I will sleep,
Never waking up.

Alafe Ramat 12 August 2011

Perfect, so perfect, , it is strong and the words kept defining itself.nice work friend.

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Hilton Ball 07 July 2011

i love this poem glade i got to write the first comment lol

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