Grandma's Super Powers Poem by Jim Yerman

Grandma's Super Powers

Rating: 5.0

They were sharing stories…remembering their grandma…
stories they loved to devour…when the eldest asked, 
"if Grandma was a superhero…what was her super-power? "

They each took a moment to close their eyes and think on it a while.
then one of them spoke up,
"I think her super-power was her smile."

And they each took a moment remembering her smile…
how it was always brighter on their behalf…
when one of them spoke up and said,
"Her smile was one of her super-powers…but don't forget about her laugh, "

And they each took a moment to remember her laugh
until one of the children shrugged,
"Her smile and her laugh were super-powers…but what about the way she hugged? "

And they each took a moment to remember her hugs
how comfortable they felt…how long each hug would take…
until the youngest child said with a smile,
"I think her super-power was in the way she baked, "

"Remember she said it's okay to make a mess
and yet she baked with such precision and care…
how everything tasted so good when her baking was done…
and how there was flour everywhere? "

And they each took a moment to remember Grandma's smile,
her laughter, her hugs her baking…her array of super powers…
and how they all left a lasting impression on them…
just like her footprints in the flour.

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