Great Changes Are Occuring Poem by Francis Duggan

Great Changes Are Occuring

There is a great fear for the lack of water the town and city reservoirs are at an all time low
The farmers sell their cows off for a pittance since only thistles in the paddocks grow
We live at the behest of Mother Nature the Country it needs more than a week's rain
The creeks from the high ground are no longer flowing the dams near empty and bone dry every drain.

In the Planet great changes are occurring strange things are happening on the sea and land
For life we must depend on Mother Nature yet Nature's ways we do not understand
With earthquakes, droughts and wars and famines and diseases and Governments of terrorism spreading fear
The news headlines each day are full of sorrow and of so very little joyful news we hear.

In a World where human rights are being eroded and human compassion is becoming rare
The signs of greed even in our local communities though we'd prefer to talk of over there
Or places distant from the town we live in we say how good we are when with others we compare
If we can only see what's wrong with others of our own shortcomings we cannot be aware.

With each passing day the face of Nature changing and climate change is occurring Worldwide
And every time i look out my back window i see a bare and a thirsty countryside
We live at the behest of Mother Nature though too few respect to her do show
Without her we would not be in existence though little of her ways we seem to know.

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