Great Is The Ambition Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Great Is The Ambition

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Great is the ambition
When a farmer's son aims
To pass his all examinations
Staring from matriculation
To all the channels of higher degrees
Not only with higher first class
But also with a topper gold medal,
Great this is when he does not think
To sit in any supplementary examination
And he appears the first examination
And he becomes topper among all,
Great is his ambition when
He becomes topper with values and morality,
He tops in all qualities and power
And he becomes a good human being,
Becoming very righteous in nature,
When he becomes a champion,
We say that his ambition is great.

His farmer father gives food to nation,
His innocent father is good and kind,
A son of a farmer has higher ambition,
No one can defame him by any means,
When a son of a farmer gets a higher position
And higher respect in society,
Then the ambition of any nation becomes glorious!

When a righteous farmer's son becomes the top ruler
The country develops not only in farming
But also in science and technology,
But also in economy and culture,
But also in values and righteousness,
A righteous son of a righteous farmer grows
He grows with his own effort and dignity.

A farmer is great among all people,
Being self dependent a farmer's son is great,
Great is the ambition of his
When he wins the hearts of billions of people
And victoriously he resides in their memories,
Great is the ambition when he tops always!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,06 February 2019. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: examination,farmers,perception,social
Dogma Daniman 10 February 2019

This is really a great, great and great poem. This reflects nobility. A farmer we shall praise and his son should also get all facilities. A farmer's son should have high ambition in life and he should also get proper and higher education. Thank you very much sir for sharing noble thought.

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