Kokak Kokak

Rookie (Febtuary 01,1989)

Grieve Of Little Silla

Poem by Kokak Kokak

I was in a place where books are faced
My eyes were covered when I came here
My cousins and I occupied a space
We’re in a large box, bursting with fear

Til’ bagger lady entered the room
Upon me, dhe rested her haunches
Daughter of the poor man with the broom
Their view about life never patches

She’s a fake pearl! A frustrated one!
She accused her father for being weak
Because she can’t have his treasured man
All she has is a sword-bleeding-ink!

As the clouds started to shred it’s tears
And the breeze smooches my wooden skin
Ah, here I am killed twice by a spear
She trust the dagger upon my vein

Slowly, she’s putting me into death
I’m wounded, yet the blood doesn’t rush
Maybe because this is how I meant
This millstone couldn’t be eased nor washed

Darn this thing! Look, she left me a scar
All are there is her undying lade
Oh why should I be caught in this war?
Do I have the freedom to seize her blade?

The lady weeps and bathes me like rain
How couldn’t I? We’re both yearning for love!
As if no one else could feel such pain
Dupe! Whatever you think I ain’t numb:

Ban-qo mi querido! He’s from Spain
See how they took him away from me?
To fill other’s room he was stolen
I cried, but still no tears are seen freed!

Socorro! Mi amor was kidnapped
It’s unfair, I couldn’t even scream
Don’t I have the right now to grieve?
Be tough young Silla soon you will win!
The sky amidst the dark clouds still smiles
The sun, shines behind the nimbus cloud
Terra firma! Conceive for while!
That’s how my cruel life has found.

Who am I?
Or rather, what am I?
I may be the one beneath your thighs
Do not be an added burded!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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