Grifters Are Holding Axioms Hostage Poem by Paul Amrod

Grifters Are Holding Axioms Hostage

Twisting realism through a prism of autocracy
impostors are gleefully misusing our naivety.
Crumbling papers to distract our attention
while preparing their futuristic detention.
Redefining the meaning of true conspiracy
by pulling the wool over our eyes with tyranny.
Looking coyly while they all are pulling our legs
while grinning with their face smeared with eggs.
Projecting their sins camouflaged as hideous fraud
while screaming MAGA till the rednecks applaud.
73 Million hoodwinked into believing Don's credo
yet still not enough to stop a Nebraska tornado.
Letting the backwoods hermits lost in propaganda
while Omaha tipped blue like a Sunday's Bonanza.
Acclaiming like a clown who resembled Scaramouch
who scathed his former boss like a fig leaf he chewed.
Hidden in a fantasy without basis like a drifter
are our Charlie Kirks and his gang of ugly grifters.
Picking the pitiful points to irritate the masses
trying to show up the donkeys like mules and asses.
The grandfather of New York mastered Russian collusion
nonetheless he is woefully lost in utter confusion.
Pulling troops out of the land of the screwy Taliban
has got our Prez cooking slowly in the frying pan.
Rocking with his super spreader dancing sloppily disco
our law and order macho man is now forgotten in Frisco.
Lord! Help us from dealing with this stork Sidney Powell
with her sexy sidekick looking around like an oozing owl.
Trying to seduce the henchman from his Foxy News
however now Tucker Carlson is even singing the blues.
We listened to Stevie Wonder with his wonders of Detroit.
Then MI state legislators flew to DC and said let's split the joint.
Painting himself in a corner while Rudy loses his hair dye
as jail time is nearing and Lil' Donnie is somewhat mortified.
Somehow the voting machines were rigged from Venezuela
yet the cowboys are searching for their succulent Manuela.
Morbidly claiming that a communistic move from Chavez
was premeditatedly utilized to build up their crazy farces.
Wait a moment! Who was in charge of this fairy tale?
the Grimm Brothers are looking on drinking their pale ale.
The amount of ludicrous literature reeks of foul play
gambling with the public's gullibility brings no halcyon day.
Dividing our population even further is an oppressor's game
chumming up to Kim Jong-Un so we can surely push the blame.
A Debbie downer flailing his arms unhinged as well as gone beserk
the men with the white jackets will soon become his clerk.
He will be guided looking at Amy Bennett smirking in her portrait
while the straightjacket is woven for this gentle giant lightweight.
I feel sorry for my compatriots who must accept the Prez's defeat
as his crimes and Bob Woodward's tapes he cannot erase or delete.
I offer them a virtual concert performing a bit of Scott Joplin
with a Jack Rabbit trucking with ghosts and eerie goblins.
I wish to ease your heavy hangover after the time of the lame duck
while all of Oklahoma hails Pocahontas although you're thunderstruck.
It was a nice idea to attempt a clumsy futile fourth stolen presidency
nevertheless your aides are floundering into total irrelevancy.
Hence it is useless that these lying grifters are holding axioms hostage.
Reform your attitude so veracity and honesty can be finally acknowledged.

Monday, November 23, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: cynicism ,irony
Deluke Muwanigwa 23 November 2020

Duhhh. What a mess. My oppresive Prez must be chuckling all the way to. ..somewhere dark and tyrannical

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

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