Haagen Dazs Contemplations And Complications Poem by Aria Siren

Haagen Dazs Contemplations And Complications

if you could see me right now
from wherever you are hiding
you would laugh
to see me at the freezer section
at ShopRite
hair in a haphazard bun
pacing the aisle
worrying the other shoppers
pondering over haagen dazs
because you've made every decision
somehow complicatedly simple
chocolate or strawberry?
I stand there with my head tilted
lost in thought
risks and rewards
which one will more quickly
cure this ache
that I feel?
not heartbreak
something more relatable
more real.

Sometimes my poems are more like diary entries-such as this one.
Kelly Seale 20 November 2012

Aria... You've just made my list of favorite poets... Your In your face, this is who I am! style is both amusing and quite refreshing for one so young. I am impressed. Great Write Aria! ! ! ; -)

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Alla Simone 20 November 2012

You've been on my favorites list, but Kelly is right! Even though I have a mild intoloerance for dairy products, I like thIs one LOL. P.S. Diary's are for 12 year olds. Adults keep journals. Someone on the island asked me of I keep a diary. I said no, I keep a journal. They laughed.

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Aria Siren 27 February 2014

@SandyPlayer how evvvvvil!

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Sandy Player 24 February 2014

@author Then I'll put my detestible smug face on; bought 3 tubs today

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Aria Siren 08 February 2014

@SandyPlayer because I'm broke :)

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Sandy Player 07 February 2014

Why not both? Why lyfe? Why you so hard? ?

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Søren Valentine 27 November 2012

Hahahahahahahahahaha. This poem reminded me of the time you, your brother and I were in ShopRite looking for rocky road (was it?) ice cream and we met a certain someone on line... but i liked it. That description is so you...in the morning ;) or after service. hahahaha very nice

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