Half Alive Poem by Katherine Perry

Half Alive

Searching in vain for some reason
For the death of a child seem fair
Go on living in all of life's seasons
With a heart thats feeling bare

In the depths of your grief
Lies a pain you can't defeat
Struck by the pointlessness of death
A loved one gone
Forced to move on
With a heart that can never rest

Left with a heart felt half alive
Dealing with pain that is eating away
You pray for the strength to survive
each day
Having loved ones to care
Trying to hide the pain thats there
Your only hope is to God you pray

Trying to keep your days full
Cause time has come to a halt
Left feeling numb
Waiting for the day to come
When you'll stop wondering if any of
this is your fault

Finally the hours have passed
Your work day's done at last
Now your kneeling down in front of
his name again
With lots of things to say
But if you had it your way
You would be face to face and talking
to him

And while he is up there looking down
If he knew you were sad he'd frown
Cause the love he has for you will always
Waiting for the day
When he can walk up to you and say
He holds a special place in his heart for
you to keep

So don't let sorrow bind your hands
For you'll remain helpless as you stand
And through all of your grief
Bow down to the belief
That your faith will some day know
Why God has willed it so

And though your heart is tired and sore
And you feel you can't take it anymore
Just remember that love is the key
And with all your prayer
The listening Lord is there
And the love in your heart he sees

For a friend i haven't known that long
I admire your love for others that keep's
you strong
Cause losing a child has to be like that
never ending story
You read it over and over again
Never accept theres an end
Until the day you can see him again in all
of God's glory!

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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