Heaven's Angel Poem by Katherine Perry

Heaven's Angel

Rating: 5.0

Alex Spencer Junkin so young
Born in March of two thousand one
A boy who loved to joke and have fun
And was loved by those who's hearts he had won

A child more wise than most his age
And knew what life was meant to be
For he lived and learned and loved each day
And wanted the same for everyone he'd meet

He knew where he had come from
With a reminded picture above his bed
A picture of Jesus he'd pray to
His savior, in which he wrote in the bible that he read

For in his heart there was a treasury
A dream of who he wanted to be
A minister to teach of God's true words
The Bible, an example of love for all to see

He loved to spend time with his family and friends
And loved also the church that he would attend
For Spencer had a heart where love would dwell
Enough to go around for those who knew him well

There was once a rumor
He had his dad's sense of humor
Quite the lad and funny at times
And made everyone laugh
When he'd go around and act
Wearing fake mustaches that he would find

And when he was bored
He'd draw for hours on his bedroom floor
For the Arts is where his talents shined through
And the French Horn he played for three years straight
Was just another Art that he was born to do

The love he had for his father and mother, was no end
And ofcourse he loved his sister too
Like when she'd dress to a tee
He was a proud brother indeed
His family were a big part of his life in things he'd do

And last but not least
His brother he loved
And considered him to be his best friend
And i'd bet from heaven
He watches over him with love
Waiting for another game of Risk with brother and dad,
to begin

We must not forget what also brought him joy
Which was his cat named Jimmy and his dog named Poy
And when the family watched tv, nothing had to be said
Cause he knew mom and dad were there to rub his head

Then when it came to his nephews
They thought there was nothing he lacked
Cause they loved it when he crawled around with them
taking turns on his back

So lets smile and remember he loved the house of God
And his dearest wish to be
A minister within the walls of a church
That is now his home where he has been set free

Though now his life on earth is at end
We must think of the work God now has for him
For he is one of God's angels in Heaven in which he dwells
Now made to be an example of love for all to tell

And time will take us to join Spencer in that holy land
On the day when you can again take hold of his hand
The day when all darkness and corruption will leave
And all in which you now on earth shall grieve

Because theres a strength that comes to us every time we
And our will grows stronger every time we fight
So let us be grateful for time spent with the ones we'll
love forever
For they will be the ones to come and lead us to that light!

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
In loving memory of Alex Spencer Junkin
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