Happiness Shines From Your Eyes Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Happiness Shines From Your Eyes

Rating: 3.0

My attraction toward you keeps getting stronger
You are amazing
I am happy to share my life with you
I find my happiness and joy in your eyes
I treasure you like a diamond in the sky granted by the Almighty Creator
I am elated that I will spend a hilarious life with you
I commence thinking about you
And all my wrench goes away
Like a fish soaring in range with no oxygen has timeless dingy clouds
Your smiles make me feel like the clock has stopped ticking
And strenuous like a soul in the uterus that's flinging
You are the moonlight
You make me fumble alive
That is something I have never felt ahead
My life has been awesome since
I found you!
You're the sun on my glittering
And gloss in my realm
As I glance downward route of my time to come
I know that one thing is devoted
I demand the outright squaw alongside me
You are the one I am concerned about your future
I'm expecting the wangles
You've been craving to spit
I'll be your grinning
When you can't behold in the mirror
I will be going to the ends of the earth for you to make you feel happy and pleasant
We match each other perfectly
And I wouldn't change a thing about us

POET'S NOTES ABOUT THE POEM: The poem was written on Wednesday,30 August 2023. This poem captures love as one of the most powerful human emotions. The moment you fall in love, it feels like the world takes on a new color. Everything around you seems brighter and more beautiful. The person of your dreams walks into your life. The drop of your heart and the catch of your breath tell you love has bloomed.
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