I Am A Muslim Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

I Am A Muslim

I am a Muslim who doesn't believe in violence or killing; I am a Muslim who doesn't use bombs, he is rather calm.

I am a Muslim who cares for my neighbors, not hurting them.

Likewise, I am a Muslim who doesn't yell at people when they do wrong, he always smiles on people along life goes on, good or fallen.

I am a Muslim who isn't a terrorist, I'm a Muslim who believes in one God, not delusion.

I am a Muslim who realize the Holy Quran tells us not to create division between one another.

Likewise, I am a Muslim who believes, that is no God but Allah and Mohamed is His messenger.

I am a Muslim who cares about my brothers and sisters not by blood but in humanity as my religion commands me; I am a Muslim who lives in a world full of love and peace.

I am a Muslim and Islam is my religion preaches good deeds mercy and kindness to right path leads to recite the testimony in one God we must worship him alone.

Furthermore, I am a Muslim who is proud that my religion order me to give part wealth to the poor and love kids.

Not only that, I am a Muslim who believes in Jesus, and love him as much as the prophet Mohamed, peace be upon them all.

Our Prophet once said; shall I tell you what to do to find love; let there be peace, and love grows among you faster and stronger than all we feel.

I wrote this poem on the 12th of April 2023 the poem about Muslim is person who has professed belief in Islam. As believer, they worship the One God and revere Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh) , as the last messenger of God. The vast majority of the Muslims in the world are indeed peace-loving human beings with many of them striving hard to live up to the great ideals of Islam.
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