Happy Birthday Sister Poem by Anubhav gupta

Happy Birthday Sister

I can't make you cut the cake.
I don't have the champagne to shake.
Yet I have my wishes for you,
To make your life so full of glamorous hue.

You are the one with me, through it all
Who holds me tight, whenever I fall
To share my joy, to play when I want.
You are my Lakka my most precious doll.

When I was at faults,
You dared to took the blame.
To see me winning,
You lost many games.
If I call for my best friends
At top is your name.

And One more year of you, being lovely sister.
One more year of you, being a prettiest daughter.
One more year of you, being a perfect friend.
One more year of you, being a
Worthiest partner,
Has come to an end.
And now my dear
I have my blessings to send
For here starts a brand new year
With all new colors
To sparkle your world
To live your dreams
To make your life, So full of creams.

Monday, May 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday
Colleen Courtney 05 May 2014

Such a beautifully written poem for your sister! I'm sure she shall cherish this loving poem forever. Well done!

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Gajanan Mishra 05 May 2014

live your dream, so full of creams, I like it, thanks.

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